Chee Chee's Salon has been in the Beauty Industry for over 50 Years !!!!

Chee Chees Salon
Our staff is comprised of the very best Stylists who have been trained by some of the foremost educators in the world. We have staff who have been trained in London, New York and Italy.

We promise to provide you with the highest quality services available in our industry. We carry only the products we believe in and use. 

"Our Reputation Rest on Your Shoulders"
                                  Coming Soon: Information on iDerma!!

Chee Chee's Salon Presents: Ready, Set, iGrow!

The iGrow Laser -- FDA Approved Device

Official iGrow Laser for Men and Women

  • 6 Month MoneyBack Guarantee
  • FDA Cleared for both Men and Women
  • 21 laser diode and 30 LEDs

Original Cost: $695Online Price: $545

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With 50 years in the hair replacement industry, I am happy to announce I currently have 10 clients actively using the iGROW, for as little as 20 minute sessions EVERY OTHER DAY!!! These clients are noticeably seeing rapid results in their hair growth and structure!

The iGROW is not only lightweight but portable as well, for your convenience. Call for any questions.
CheeChee Phillips


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